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Personally, I am a tenacious, and self-motivated individual.

In the near future, I would like to obtain a doctorate in distance education. I have been teaching, training, instructional designing, coordinating and managing professionally since 1989, holding positions as a college teaching assistant, college coordinator, creator, instructional designer, and teacher for an after school program, supervisor and trainer for Sports Service, founder of Jackson Educational Services. Additionally, I have experience with Blackboard, eCollegge and WebTycho.

All of my education was obtain in the United States of America. I received my Masters in Distance Education (MDE) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University Of Maryland University College (UMUC) at Adelphi, Maryland. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry from the University of Delaware, located in Newark Delaware, were I first tutored students who were considered hopeless. However, my belief is that there is no hopeless or throw away people, just people we have not figured out how to reach.

I acquire my Masters of Science degree specializing in Bioinorganic Chemistry from Drexel University, located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. During a winter quarter I was given a class of students who had failed general chemistry and had an extremely negative attitude towards chemistry; as I found out in the first quizzes and surveys.  I was functioning as an adjunct faculty, it was my class alone and my job was to find a new way to teach chemistry to my students. I decided to let the students’ choice a topic through discussion for the course.  The students choose to have a court case; therefore, I set up the different cases depended on the different choices of the different students’ groups. My function in the course was as a facilitator. Using the process, the students mastered entire required course content areas. The students’ passed the final ACS exams and I was convinced alternative methods can be utilized successfully. I look forward to taking my first open course.

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