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A nice Text Mining Tool LAK12

The tool is called Wordie:

Below is the link t and the representation from the week 4 LAK12 topics:

Below is the link and the representation for chemistry questions my students posted:

Tried to embed the actual picture, but it didn’t work.


A few thoughts on privacy and ethics for LAK12.

A few thoughts on privacy and ethics for LAK12..

A few thoughts on privacy and ethics for LAK12.

One of the points was what happens to the data if we allow students to opt-out. As a person who has collected data from human subjects, I found that when people feel you are giving then full disclosure they are excited to help and be about of your study. Also, I have been in a situation were my boss insisted on nondisclosure. Students had no opt-out.  We collected more nonsense responses that than we data was collected freely.  As a TA, i decided to collect sets of data from students and I told them it was for the design of an ITS and they not only were glad to help, but they even got involved with the project.  My point, opt-out will have so risks attached in  terms of collecting a large enough data sets.  However, the quality of data may be better by avoiding nonsense data.  Second, we need to study if the opt-out option really hurts data collection.  We may have to be creative in how we get our data point. The sample may have to include multiple sections of a course or more courses in the same topic area to insure opt-out is no longer an issues.  Finally, if opt-out turns out to exclude a group based on social-economic standings, gender, age, or ethnic group; them we have an issue to resolve.  If opt-out cross all a wide range with no pattern do we have an issue?


#Change11 #CCK12 #LAK12 Facebook or Twitter

Thanks for the post. Facebook allows more characters in communication. I would choose Facebook.

Learner Weblog

Facebook or Twitter. Which one would you use?

Following are some of the posts.

This post on Facebook or Twitter contrasts the difference:

“Participants answered questions about the way they used Facebook and Twitter and which site they preferred. They also answered questions about their personality based around the “Big Five” personality factors of Extraversion, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Openness and Agreeableness, as well as the dimensions of sociability and “need for cognition” (this last factor is about people’s need to be mentally engaged and stimulated).

People’s overall preference for Twitter or Facebook:   People who scored higher in “need for cognition” tended to prefer Twitter, whilst higher scorers in sociability, neuroticism and extraversion tended to prefer Facebook. Simplifying the results, one might say that Facebook is the more social of the two social networking sites, whereas Twitter is more about sharing and exchanging information.”

These findings correlate well with previous researches on Facebook where…

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Course Signals’ potential to help faculty to improve instructional strategy: opinion on LAK12 John Cambell


In chemistry and chemical engineering there has been mismatch in learners’ style to instructional strategies.  Signals can be used as a tool for faculty professional development. For example, the signal indicates most are red and yellow with less than five percent green.  Would this result indicate a possible mismatch in instructional strategy and learning style? Of course we have to look at student preparation and student effort. The scaffolding to help the students is very important. However, improving instruction should also be a part of the equation for increasing quality. For #LAK12

LAK12 What about priracy?

We must consider how we can protect privacy rights with the need for data as we go down this path. I see the great possibilities and the dangers.


This is a test post to see it blog feed is working.  Working on setting away to automatically import Learning Analytic articles into Mendeley below:

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